GETLY - Your App for the Euro2016

Find the best bars in your city and challenge your friends with FREE bets

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Getly’s features

  • FIND THE BEST BARS Discover which bars are broadcasting the games during the Euro2016 - Enjoy a Full List of Bars in your City
  • FIND YOUR FRIENDS Know where your friends are going to watch the Euro2016 and let them know through the app that you are going with them
  • PLAY WITH FREE BETS Guess which country will win the Euro2016 and place your FREE bets on the scores of all the matches → Win gifts with our massive contest !
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Create several friends’ groups within the app and challenge your friends by guessing which teams are going to win the matches → Put at stake whatever you want ! e.g. Beers ?


Coming Soon on iOS & Android

Watching the game with your friends is always better!

How to use the app to perfectly enjoy your Euro2016 ? Follow this process

  1. Invite your friends directly trough the application
  2. Select the game you want to watch
  3. Select the bar according to your friends and location
  4. Press "I’m Going" and let your friends know that your are joining them
  5. Challenge them for fun by choosing your team and score
  6. Look at the ranking and make fun of them if they are worse then you ! ^^


Don’t Stay home... Enjoy the EURO2016 with all your friends instead!

  • Football Games

  • Best Bars

  • Team Pronostics

  • Score Pronostics

  • Your friends

  • Ranking & Points

Two years ago, we created Getly. On May 25th, it will be reborn

Getly was born from a group of friends who had the idea to launch an event recommandtion app. At that point in time the #World Cup was arriving at a very fast pace so we decided to shift the concept and focus on #football.

In April we were already wondering where we would be able to watch the football games? Will our city organize some spots to watch the RedDevils on giant screens? Which bars are going to broadcast the games? How will I know where to meet my friends? Are my friends actually interested in watching the game with me?

All those questions brought us to this amazing app (well... not that incredible at that time), but that’s how the concept was born !

And this year, our small team, now part of Digitag decided to do it all over again … with some new features that we are very excited for you to discover. #EURO2016 !

Feel free to send us your questions, we’ll answer your ASAP ! Cheers